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Tuesday, 4 February 2020


Hello! I am back again today for some more products. But this time, I will be talking about this Goat Milk that I recently met and have been feeding my furry cats with. From Kitten, to Mommy cat, and any type of cats, this milk suits to all kinds/age of cats.

I have in total of 7 cats inclusive of 2 new born kittens and I am having a hard time to get them to rest because they just love to play despite the day and night. 

This goat milk has helped me to provide them with good snack time and when they are full, they are able to get a proper rest with a happy tummy. I really love serving them while it is warm and thicken. As for my kittens, the momma may not always be home to feed them on time. Therefore, this milk is treated as mother's milk replacer. 

NOTE: Some people have believe that if it is milk, then it is always good for cats. I have met some who have given their cats Dairy milk/cow milk, and some have given a sweetened condensed milk. Well, here I would like to tell you that cats tummy is intolerant towards lactose. Therefore there may some of them have seen their cats diarrhea, and unwell. The only milk that is okay for them is Milk that is from Goats.


This is a kind of milk that is imported from The Netherlands, and it is FREE LACTOSE. Parie Goat Milk has the benefit that the ingredients are rather similar to momma cat's breast milk. This is because the milk is made with small fats molecules that is easy for them to digest.

Parie Milk is full of mineral and high in vitamins which that may help cat's to have the nutrients that is crucial for them such as Vitamin A, Niacin, Vitamin D and arginin that is specifically for the sights, heart and immunity system.

It is also easy to prepare, and it is in powder based. So when it is time to travel or when you bring your furry cats for outdoor activity, you can always save some in a small container and it will NEVER SPILL. 

Parie Goat Milk is packed in this aluminium can of 500G and it is on sale at RM72. Well not bad at all for a big can of powder. The aroma of the powder is very sweet and milky, sometimes it does smells like vanilla. In fact, I think I am the one who felt like having it. 

Here are some goodness of the milk for your cats:

  • Shiny Skin and Hair
  • Immune system
  • clearer eye sight
  • strong bones
  • good for cats brain development
  • cats ability to learn faster
  • helps mother cat to provide more milk
So if you all want something different than wet foods, this is the best and healthy snacks to pamper you babies with! I have tried this and amazingly it keeps them busy and always feeling less hungry. 

Methods of ordering PARIE Goat Milk:

1) Pm Facebook page (
2. Order from 013-4288626
3. Order from Shopee

Thank you dear 😻

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