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Sunday, 26 April 2020



As I am writing this, I am sipping the Original flavour of the AMBROSIAL GREEK YOGHURT. 
I am always looking forward to drink yoghurts and I happy to have found this product from AMBROSIAL. Their yoghurt taste is rich, and light at the same time.

The ambrosial greek styled yoghurt is a well-chosen pasture milk source brand from YILI. Asia’s number one dairy company, AMBROSIAL is set to redefine your perception of drinking yoghurt with its unique offerings.

To muslims out there, do not worry because this is guarantee HALAL and SAFE to drink. Noe let's see what are the benefits ot ambrosial greek yoghurt.


❀ Improves the immune system to help maintain health.
 ❀ delicious and healthy. 
❀ high protein food 
❀ help prevent diarrhea 
❀treating chronic constipation.

Now you can also get to taste them and taste the richness and creamy indulgence with every sip.

The product came in 3 types of packaging, which first is the one that come in handy, small, but full of healthy goods. The one I am holding now is the strawberry flavour. This flavour taste like a sweet strawberry and I am actually enjoying every sip of it becuause it taste like a real strawberry.This package comes in a 205g of weight. If you get this one, the testure is thick, just like you are eating the normal yoghurt in the cup, but with this, it will come handy as you wont spill it anywhere!

This one is less thicken, but give the same temptation of the flavour, this yoghurt has pulps of red peaches and an addition of Australian oats inside. 

To those who like their yoghurt light and not thicken, this is the best packaging for you, they come in a 230g weight. I have here with me is the mango + passion fruit, and original flavour. 

With only 209 kcal in a 205g pack, AMBROSIAL is perfect as a midday snack without the guilt! You can drink this whether you are indoor, ourdoor, working, or even at leisure time because they are so healthy that you keep wanting to drink them over again!

These yoghurts are best to keep at low or room temperature before you open them, but it is best served when chilled. 

You can also use it to make your healthy yoghurt foods. Check their pages to get some ideas about the yoghurt and yoghurt preparation recipe's. It is now available at Qoo10

#Ambrosialicious #FruitandYoghurt

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