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Thursday, 19 March 2020

[FASHION] Malaysian Fashion Designer's Collections at www.nakbeli.com.my

Good day everyone! Do you remember my post on Hurr.tv? If yes! I have a great news from their side, because this time, once again they have variety of fashion collections by our famous fashion designers.

Before we move on, let me recall to you that Nak Beli is an online website by hurr.tv. Now they have come out with our famous fashion designer's such as Rizman Ruzaini, Carven Ong, Jo Disaya, Maatin Shakir, Justin Yap and Syomirizwa Gupta. Their designs are to be exposed at hurr.tv designers series.

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The six designer's had shown their best collections at a fashion show which was held at the Vogue Lounge, Kuala Lumpur recently. 

In total of 114 designs that are related, and are now available from the price of RM139 for the fashion lovers, and it is on sale exclusively at Nak Beli. Not just that, you may also get a discounts up to 50% off! Don't be the last one to get them, as this promotion will ends 5th April 2020.



Justin Yap have present his collection that are designed for those who love to look and feel elegant, stunning and luxurious. Some of our local artists have worn his apparel such as Scha Al-Yahya and Miss Universe Malaysia 2018, Jane Teoh.

Nak Beli E-Commerce Platform: https://nakbeli.com.my/collections/justin-yap



She is best known with her designs that are always into vibrant and colourfulSyomirizwa Gupta's designs have to be one of the must have's collection.



Maatin Shakir has made his debut at the Fashion Week, Kuala Lumpur in 2014, with his various creation which are boho-chic inspired, thus printed ethnicity are also in his creation.


5. Rizman Ruzaini

Start off with Rizman Ruzaini, who is one of the most well-known designer who had fashioned our local artists such as Dato' Sri Siti Nurhaliza, Fazura and Amyra Rosli. 

Followed by the national costume for Malaysia Miss Universe in 2016 in the theme of our KLCC, Twin Tower. This fashion are suitable for casual look or formal.



Carven Ong, one of the designer who had received the best attention for designing the National costume in 2019, for Miss Universe Malaysia. Next he had design was for the wedding scene in " Crazy Rich Asian"

Nak Beli E-Commerce Platform: https://nakbeli.com.my/collections/carven-ong



During Mercedes Benz Most Promising Designer, 2017, She had shown her collection of 'Street Wear' thats more casual look but still able to maintain the 'sophisticated' feel and stunning for the individual who wears them.

Nak Beli E-Commerce Platform: 

That's it guys! I am so happy to get to post about them today because I personally have been eyeing their fashion and I love how it turns out so far. 

To you all who are interested to get their designs, you may visit their website, youtube or download hutt.tv application on google play or app store to watch exclusive episode of Nak Beli. 

you may also visit their instagram at @hurr.tv

Their collections have been supported by Vogue Loungue Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur at a fashion show Vogue Lounge x Fashion Designer Series. If you are interested to join and watch their fashion show, do follow VOGUE LOUNGE on theor Instagram or Facebook and make your reservation as soon!

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