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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

NAKED to the bone!

Hello reader's! today's review has it's own catchy title as you can see, but you may wonder why NAKED to the BONE? Well, I went to Damansara with one of my blogger friend Aerill who is also my best buddy since we were a University students. We were up to another food hunts and reviews. We saw this restaurant with a catchy name, and here's the food that we have tried! Naked in my title represents the restaurant name in which their signature is their pizza's, hence BONE is where I name it after the chicken wings cause that is also the highlight of today's review.

They are called, NAKED Restaurant & Bar, Located at Damansara Sri Hartamas, this restaurant prepares their menu and cooks from Europe within the touch of Asian taste buds. The highlight of today's review is on their SIGNATURE dishes, which is the Pizza and the Chicken Wings. The pizza that we have chosen to review is 3 types. Once their pizza served on our table, I was very excited and surprised of the portion of the pizza, for the fact that we are only 2 people on the table.

1. NAKED House Pizza (RM45)

The first pizza is one of their signature pizza in tha house! What so good about this pizza is their ingredients where there are combination of chicken breasts, onions, jalapenos and mushrooms. This is one of the pizza that is also BESTSELLING on their menu lists. This pizza is quite spicy, and I really love how the they really made this pizza possible! Would really recommend this to Spicy lovers! and you may ask for chili flakes or tobasco. 

2. Carnivore (RM55) NEW FLAVOUR

mm yums! Oh would you look at that meat! Each flavor blends so well as one on this pizza. This is actually their NEWEST flavor on their menu. Carnivore is the given name which has beef pepperoni, roasted chicken, chicken ham, minces lamb and beef bacon for the meats, and mushrooms, garlic and herbs as their supporting ingredients. I am lucky to get to eat this pizza as they claims that is is very new to the list. Meat lovers anyone!? Please JOIN ME ON THIS DISH!

3. Salmon (RM36)

Sounds fishy. But you are not wrong! The first time ever that I have had this amazing Salmon recipe of pizza. I could never imagine a fish pizza until I had this! It's literally love at every bites. This pizza has a strong fishy taste from the moment I bite until it's after taste. But, i'm a seafood lover so this is definitely what I would go for over again! It's very subjective to review this dish since it's by preference. Anyway, the ingredients are chopped baby tomato, Salmon, capers and they topped it with rocket spinach. This is is not spicy at all, but it tastes quite salty. I believe it's from the fish.

4. Hot Wings (RM26) APPETIZER

As hot as it's called, their chicken wings are dipped into their hot sauce and served hot! A very amazing dish that I really will come back for soon. The hot wings actually tastes a little sour and hot at the same time which I think, it's LOVE! The interesting part is their smoked sea salt wings. I am not sure if this is a trend but Hot sauce for spicy lover and Sea salt for non-spicy lover. 

5. NAKED Affogato (RM24) DESSERT

This is the part where I always love to have before leaving. DESSERTS! Also my first time to have eaten such a fancy coffee + Ice-cream desserts. I really had wished I will never have to finish this but they melts so fast! The ice cream is topped with chocolate cookies, marshmallows, chocolate liquid, and vanilla ice cream. The taste is combined with an espresso that we have to pour it on our own. You may look at the video provided. 

Their pizza dough is prepared on the spot upon customer's order, and not just that, they also made their own tomato sauces for the pizza. I would actually give the pizza dough crisps a minus since they do not have any choices of dough. However, how can anyone resist that perfect crunch upon every bite.

I also like to talk about the environment, where their staffs are very friendly that they come each table from time to time to check on their customer in terms of satisfaction, foods and if they needed anything.In fact, they even greet each customer that comes in. The service is very satisfying from the moment I stepped in until I left. Even the owner, and manager was there when I had my lunch. Its a great place to have your hangout session, or even to sit there with a drink and dessert. They have free WiFi as well. 

Not forget to mention that NAKED restaurant are now delivery-friendly where you can find them through FOOD PANDA, GRAB FOOD, HONEST BEE and many more. However, their delivery only limited to their pizza's and Hot wing's as they mentioned that they wanted their dish to stay heated and hot upon the arrival to your doorsteps. 


  1. Wah cam menarik je semua makanan di atas. Next time boleh Naim mencari. Dan terima kasih sudi berkongsi

  2. Yuuuuuuuuuuuum!!!!!!!!!!! Memang terbaik la restaurant Naked To The Bone nie. Baca Post you nie buat i tetiba nak mamam pizza plak. Hehehe. Have a good day.

  3. Alamak sedapnya nampak menu2 kat naked to the bone ni. Ya Allah pizza dia semua mengundang ye!! Nnt nak gi la

  4. rasanya pernah perasan kedai pizza ni tapi tak berani nak cuba. lepas tengok list menu tu nampak sedap.. nak jugak try pizza dari typical pizza biasa kan..

  5. Nama restoran yg sangat unik. Mmg sedap pizzanya terutama naked house tu. Teringin nak rasa lagi. Terima kasih share ya

  6. Wow nama dia, tak pernah dengar tentang kedai ni, first time tahu, tq for sharing

  7. nama restoran dia wow!!! Dah macam macam dah piza ada jual, bukan sahaja dominoes and pizzahut kat malaysia ni. Kat mana lagi ada kedai ni, johor ada? kene try ni

  8. Wow Naked Pizza is delicious for those of us who like to eat this and feel like going out today also wakakakaka ... It would be a good time plan to try all this....

  9. uih sedap nampaknya. boleh masuk as tempat untuk lepak lepak dengan kawan kawan kalau berkunjung ke sana nanti.


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