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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Sisik Grilled Fish Restaurant

Calling for seafood Lovers! Shout out to you guys because I have recently found one of the best variety of seafood dishes suitable to eat with you and your loved ones. Once in a blue moon, I believe we all do have this 'craving' for some good foods, well for me this time of the month is hot Seafood dishes. 

I went for a shopping spree at the GM Wholesale Klang one night and found out this fancy restaurant that fits my appetite. It is called Restoran SISIK IKAN BAKAR. With such a fancy name, I believe I have had an amazing night especially that I get to enjoy the food with my friends. The location is so easy to find where it is just nearby GM Klang. Let's find out what I ate there. 

Sisik Ikan Bakar has operated about 6 year's since 2013. The owner is 100% muslim and Halal guarantee. Their dishes specialties are on melayu asli flavors, you name it, they have it! 

Opening Hours (Menu):
8AM-4.30PM (Masakan Melayu Asli)
5PM-12.30AM (Fresh seafoods and more)

Menu can be adapted from above picture.

I was there at around 8.30pm. The most exciting part of night time menu, is that you are able to choose your seafood based on your size preference .During my visit, there are likely to have many seafood such as clams, prawns, various sea fishes, squid, crabs, bamboo clams and honestly many more! They are all fresh looking and easy to grab. Well, my eyes went crazy!there are so much to eat in a night. Their fish menu honestly blown my mind, look at all these foods!

To mention, the best part of this restaurant is that you may choose what kind of dish that you like them to prepare with your choice of seafood's, be it masak cili api, masak berlada, masak petai, masak lemak and more.

Sotong Bakar Manis        Ikan Pari Bakar with Sambal(Spicy)

said to be one of the Customer favorite dish here, and the size of the squid is just humongous! spicy plus sweetness that came from honey, makes it a perfection. The sambal fish, I got stingray because who doesnt love stingray!? But if you would like some other fishes, you may have your choice.

       Pahat Masak Cili          Kangkung Masak Belachan

                                Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak             Fried Prawns

As any malay malaysian, we have rice, we have fishes, we have various cooks, the thing that is only left to mention is vegetables and our favorite sambal. Here we can get from Budu to Sambal tempoyak, Sambal belacan and/or even cencaluk. 

Portion base, I can say that it is more than enough for family. and we end up trying to finish the dishes than our rice. I literally love their whole bunch of raw vege's and ulam. they are all still fresh.

I love to have my rice with raw vegetables or we called it Ulam here. They have Ulam Raja, pegaga, salad, tenggek burung. The best part too is that we can make our choice of sambal and raw vegetables nearby where we can get our fishes.

For further information and promotion can be adapted as per below:

Restoran : Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar

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