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Friday, 22 November 2019


The first time and probably in forever, I get to experience Nights of Frights or NOF for short. Quite amazing but at the same time creepy. I am not really a fan of spooky events, to be honest, that night was the night when I FACE MY FEAR. Yup. Let's follow on to this story I am about to tell you!

The moment when I got there, I was shocked with all the costumes and the sounds I heard around the Sunway Lagoon. (All that hissing, spooky laugh and screams) The part when I first stepped in, I was already feeling nervous and feeling like wanting to go home. 


There are a total of 9 games or better called as haunted houses that was available at the venue. Infact, I get to visit about 4 of it due to the waiting time which is quite about 15-30 minutes for each games.

Haunted House & Theater:
1. Bloodshed
2. Horrorwood Studios
3. The Hotel Deville
4.The Plague
5. Horrorjuku
6. House of Voodoo
7. Bomoh Theater
8. Animalium
9.Sharknado Alive

So, above actually is what they have prepared for visitors. But I only get the chance to visit Bloodshed, Hotel Deville, Bomoh, and horrorjuku. My first NOF is somewhat a breakthrough for me since I really have no idea how it is like to be there.

I was there along with my brother and 2 other friends, and we really have enjoyed ourselves that night. I was quite drowsy after the Horrorjuku station and decided to stop visiting other houses, but they continued to go to the Voodoo which they claimed to be very exciting as well.

Would like to also mention that I get the chance to take pictures with GHOSTS that is walking freely around the area. They did a good job and despite a JOB as a ghost, I really got scared of them because they looked SO REAL! Finally would like to thank REALME for giving me and my brother this opportunity for this fun! Next year, I am hoping I will be less scared. 

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  1. Sisyat memang tak masuk laa ke is penakut dengan hantusss tu..hehe


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